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Dear brother Robson:

May the peace of our Lord be with you always. I read the "Representante da UCB Participou de Dissolução da Igreja de Poá, SP" page. I had already seen that kind of kingly power. They don't care about the church manual. Our only church manual has to be the Holy Bible. At this time I'm downloading the video of your site. So what is this church will do now on?

I have an idea:

Why don`t this church makes trained in medical missionary work? (Obra mèdico misionera) I recommend to you to read a Sister White book called: Un llamado al evangelismo mèdico y a la educaciòn sanitaria. (A call to medical evangelism and to health  education).

In this book God tell that the sda churches, from north to south, east to west has to go out to the streets, in groups of two to ask the people, if they have diseases, if they have some needs. If will answer YES, then with the medical training (8 natural remedies) and with God help, they will recover their health, and then you have that people doors and hearts wide open!

Right here in Honduras, we are receiving a medical missionary training. And the Lord is making great things! I can say that by myself. The Lord is opening the peoples hearts to the Lord message!

You can hear the brother Oscar Debbe (medical missionary doctor) at or you can download to your HDD at

Please hear that sermons and please let me know. We are learning a lot, whith the purpose to help the people, like Jesus did, healing the spirit and the body. That`s what Sister White call: The final work!

We are ready to help in the training, distances and this internet days are not problem! We had broadcast the medical training live over the internet with , so will be great to serve all of you in this. Please let me know what u think.

Have a blessed and wonderful Sabbath!

Your brother and servant:


PS. You can asnwer in English, Spanish and Portuguès.

¿Còmo podria obtener la versión completa de ese video? Yo le envio luego un problema similar que pasò en un iglesia en Honduras, cuando 5 pastores tambien se tomaron una iglesia para evitar que otro pr invitado predicara.

Christian Gutierrez

Nota do Editor:

Assim que for possível, traduziremos essa carta desse irmão de Honduras. Informamos ainda que, além dos comentários do irmão Ennis Meier no, o caso Poá está também estampado no site português


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